Abstract Submission

Abstract submission will close on 1 September 2022.

Attendees are encouraged to submit an abstract for oral or poster presentation. Short talks will be selected by the organization committee, based on abstracts (scientific merit, relevance, novelty). Abstracts must be prepared using the standard template which can be downloaded by clicking this link. Abstracts should be under 2000 characters (with spaces), include a title and a list of authors. Please underline the presenting author. Abstracts should be uploaded in doc, docx or pdf formats.

The abstract file name should be in the form: Author last name-Author initial. For example, an abstract in pdf format submitted by Pierre Savagner would have the file name ‘Savagner-P.pdf’. If you wish to submit more than one abstract, add a sequence number to the file name, eg ‘Savagner-P.pdf’, ‘Savagner-P-1.pdf’, ‘Savagner-P-2.pdf’ etc.

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