We are delighted to welcome you to the 10th TEMTIA Meeting, coming up in Paris next November, 7-10th. It has been a long way (20 years indeed!) since the inaugural EMT Meeting organized by Don Newgreen and Rik Thompson in 2001 in Port Douglas, Far North Queensland, Australia. EMT process has emerged as a multifaceted cellular response to various microenvironmental signals, now evoked in more than 30,000 publications (PubMed, May 2022). EMT process is triggered when epithelial cells loosen cohesiveness and adopt an individualized motile phenotype in link with the progressive loss of epithelial features (see recent consensus statement on behalf of TEMTIA, Sheng et al 2020). EMT was originally defined in the context of developmental stages, including heart morphogenesis, mesoderm and neural crest formation. EMT-linked pathways also appear to be integrated along physiological and transitory cell responses such as wound healing, and also, with a wide range of intensity and persistence, during cancer progression and metastasis.

The program for the conference is an exciting and multidisciplinary combination of presentations: Topics range from new insights into developmental control of EMT to the participation of EMT pathways, definition of intermediate stages and related questions in cancer and metastasis.  Two specific sessions involving clinicians and a discussion panel will examine the clinical pertinence of EMT pathways in designing new functional targets for cancer chemo- and immunotherapy. In addition, as an attempt to explore the origins and biological meaning of the process, a special session will be dedicated to the evolutionary origin of EMT before and after pluricellularity emergence.

Poster Presentations are an integral part of the program and will be integrated into lunchtime, morning and afternoon breaks, and each day at the end of the conference sessions. We ask poster presenters to provide short oral presentations at specific times to be noted on their poster board.

Again, Welcome to our 10th anniversary in Paris and a feast of scientific ideas and debate!

Pierre Savagner and Alain Puisieux,
for the local organizing committee: Geert Berx, Christine Gilles, Myriam Polette & Jean Paul Thiery

PS. Please come back to this site in the coming month to find Information about early-bird registration, abstract submission (with opportunities for short oral presentation), travel awards and application for the Betty Hay special award…

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